Epoch Island // The Beta Begins

Moai Labs
3 min readOct 3, 2023



Epoch Island, the onchain Silicon Valley, is officially opening its Beta.

Those who participate are eligible to earn a share of 300,000 EPOCH — the native currency of Epoch Island.

To learn about the mission and tokenomics of EPOCH to build the largest onchain economy, go here.

How to Join

  1. Go to epochisland.io/beta
  2. Enter email to “Join the Beta”
  3. Await Beta instructions as we gear up for launch

Beta Outline

There are three primary ways to participate in the Beta, each with varying degrees of difficulties and rewards.

  1. General Island Explorer
  2. Speed Run Competitions
  3. Solidity Security Auditor

Beta Option One) General Island Explorer

Test the Epoch Island dapp and look for ways to improve it.

From finding front-end bugs to suggesting better ways to structure the dapp, this Beta option is truly open-ended. The more impactful and helpful your feedback, the more EPOCH you can earn.

Submit all feedback/bugs by clicking the “report” button in the bottom right of the Epoch Testnet Dapp. Remember to include your wallet address in the report if you wish to receive rewards from your submission.

Beta Option Two) Speed Run Competition

You’re given a list of tasks to complete on the Dapp. Complete them before anyone else and earn EPOCH.

The faster you complete your tasks, the more EPOCH you will earn.

All Speed Run Competitions will first be announced through the email you registered for the Beta with and then through the Moai Labs Discord.

Beta Option Three) Solidity Security Audit

Do you know Solidity?

Help battle-test our smart contracts and look for bugs.

The bigger the bug, the bigger the EPOCH payout.

Get Ahead of the Game

To give yourself the best chance to win EPOCH, we encourage Beta participants to acquire the necessary tokens (ETH, wETH, USDC, EPOCH) on testnet ahead of time.

You will only need to do this once.

Step One) Get ETH

Go to the Sepolia Faucet and claim 0.5 ETH

Step Two) Get WETH

Go to Balancer and swap ETH for WETH

The address for wETH: 0x7b79995e5f793A07Bc00c21412e50Ecae098E7f9

Step Three) Get EPOCH

Go to Uniswap and swap WETH for EPOCH

The address for EPOCH: 0xb40B884dcC1D409f63A0b14741280F8342E8C562

Step Four) Get USDC

Go to Uniswap and swap WETH for USDC:

The address for USDC: 0xE756D8f66E25d2fA0B188b1219d33D62D4B68664

Rules for Rewards

300,000 EPOCH tokens are allocated to facilitate the Beta rewards.

Anything submitted that results in any code, content, or UX changes will qualify for a reward.

Front-End Severity Scoring

  • Low: 50
  • Medium: 250
  • High: 1,250
  • Critical: 5,000

Smart Contracts Severity Scoring

  • Low: 500
  • Medium: 2,500
  • High: 12,500
  • Critical: 50,000

Rewards will be distributed soon after the EPOCH token has launched on mainnet.

Disclaimer It is Moai Labs discretion as to which submissions are paid, and how much, from our own internal review and based on severity scores and whether any changes will result from the submission. If multiple of the same kind of submission are sent in, only 1 of them will be rewarded, likely based on which was the most thorough description that was first to be received.


We are on a mission to build the largest onchain economy in the decentralized world. Read the Epoch Island Manifesto, follow on Twitter, or join on Discord to follow the journey.